Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Style: Iconic Inspirations Part Four

As we take another moment to recognize style at its most daring, most sexy and most trusted, we turn to the likes and styles of.........

Beyonce Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles Pics

Beyoncé Knowl</p><p><br></p><p><img src=

Beyoncé Knowles
Beyoncé Knowles Pics

Beyoncé Knowles Pics

No one has had such a chameleon-like style with every album release like Mary J Blige. From different shades of blonde to even trying red only to go back to what we first fell in friendship or love with (in our heads)...... We bring you, Ms Blige......

Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige Pics

Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige Pics

Mary J. Blige
Mary J. Blige Pics


Rihanna Pics

Rihanna Pics

Rihanna Pics

Rihanna Pics

Rihanna Pics

While all three aforementioned icons have tons of pics, we like to only give you just a few to gaze at while you figure your next photo shoot idea or to try a new trend. We all love these women, we emulate them, we sing their songs over a karaoke machine and we station ourselves in front of the television when they perform. Not only do we love their music, but their style keeps us on our toes!

Here's to Being Fabulous!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Fly Finds at Brooklyn Flea

Every Saturday on Claremont Avenue and Lafayette Street in the Fort Green section in Brooklyn, you'll notice of sea of vintage finds. If you're looking for that odd item that would work well either with your outfit or for your home, then The Brooklyn Flea should be calling you.

With up to over one hundred vendors all selling clothes that dates back to the 1930s along with almost forgotten designer label handbags, makes shopping the "Flea" feel like you're shopping new shipment. While some fashion trends make a comeback with an updated twist, there's nothing like that original piece that inspired the updates. It gives off more than just a vintage appeal; it shows originality.

We take a look at some nice jewelry vendors who have fashionable costume pieces, sterling silver and even wood.

Amaya Designs feature Hand crafted Sterling Silver and Fashion Jewelry along with Home decor.
The collections boasted a very selective choice of Mens Sterling Silver rings, Hoop earrings for the Ladies, precious stones like Turquoise, Onyx and Pearls.

The collection has enough for everyone on your holiday gift list. With beautifully crafted statement necklaces for that celebratory night out or for the romantic rendezvous, Amaya has that piece for your occasion.

For more information on the collection, please visit http://amayadesigns.net

Helveta Vyotlag  thought outside the box with the creation of rings made from wood in asymetric design and tiny heavy paper weights. The most standout item the vendor showcased were the two finger wooden rings.

Such a great attention grabber and fashionable conversation piece. With representation from the creators of the Metro Card Belt buckle,  Scott Behr of Total Metal Resource NYC says, "It fits in so well with what we do".

The rings and earrings are light weight and fun and also neatly crafted.
For further information about TMR NYC, visit http://tmrnyc.com

Every fashionista's claim to Fashion Fame is to own an expensive designer handbag. Well, without breaking the bank, look for NeNeNn 155's booth. There you'll find vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other uniqulely crafted hadbags that date back to the 80s and maybe even the 70s.

They carry belts, shoes and bags and their customer service isn't overbearing to say the least. Very friendly gentlmen who knows style.
Get to know NeNeNn 155 by visiting http://nenenn155.com

For the traditional vintage shopper, Harry Cooker travels from Douglaston, NY with his great collection of beautiful clip on earrings, Jeweled statement necklaces and one-of-a-kind brooches from owls to Black Cameos.

With such a large stock to shop from, you don't get overwhelmed, you get caught up in deciding how much you're buying. Mr Cooker also offers in-home Jewelry Parties that you can host.
To get further details on how you can host your Jewelry Party or to shop the collection, you can email Harry Cooker at HarryCooker@aol.com

Some Brooklynites are familiar with

For those who aren't, Debbie Martine carries Womens dresses and Mens scarves in the most comfortable, breathable fabric in such vibrant colors and prints.

She also carry gorgeous caftans that gives a good flow and good felt breezes in the warmer climate months. With so many choices, you'll find yourself making numerous appointments to shop the fabulous garbs. Martine's Dream is a highly recommended shopping experience for its choice in fabrics and beauty in design.
For more on Martine's Dream, visit http://martinesdream.com

If you miss these fabulous vendors on Saturdays, You can always check back in at Skylight One Hanson located at One Hanson Place (directly across from the Atlantic Avenue Terminal on the 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q and R trains) for an indoor shopping experience with all the vendors mentioned and a whole lot more.
For more information on how you can obtain space to place your fabulous finds, go to http://brooklynflea.com

Here's to Being Fabulous!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Style: Iconic Inspirations Part Three

Janet Jackson




From a family who holds a long list of "firsts" we pay homage to the woman who every little girl emulated back in the 80s. We copied her dance moves, wore the replica of the key earring and weaved our heads to get that curly 1993 get up.


None other than Miss Janet Damita Jo Jackson is deserving of her own post as our Iconic Inspiration: Part Three.












With so many hairstyles, outfits and just plain ole' out and about, Miss Jackson has worn the best to be copied and loved by the rest.

This post is dedicated to a die-hard Janet Jackson fan, a good friend Davide! Enjoy

Here's to being Fabulous!

pictures courtesy of http://allstarpics.net

Style: Iconic Inspirations Part Two


The trend chameleon who changes her look with each new album release, Madonna has gone from Punk Rock chic, to costume queen to "Madge".


 Even as your monthly pin up girl, Madonna still manages to stay relevant


Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle is the most sought after African American actress who give brown skin girls something more to believe in.....being Powerful in the skin they're in.


The chocolate bombshell sets numerous hair tends and has been seen on many red carpets getting it right!




With her flawless skin and perfectly styled hair, you better believe she's not only turning heads but also inspiring a lot of young ladies to feel beautiful.


Even Fallen Angels are icons of style. As we look into the early life and times of Aaliyah's style, we see how sexy, shy and feminine she truly was.  From the over sized bottoms and tight fitted tops showing some mid drift to skin tight catsuits and pretty dresses, Aaliyah stayed true to her identity with out the Fashion Police on her tail.





Whether it was the naturally long tresses, those loose fitted jeans or the big dark pair of shades, Aaliyah's trademarks are still donned on some of the chicest around.

It's not always a person's outfit that grabs us to want to copy it. It could be their hair, the way they wear their make up or the accessories they carry that inspire fashionistas to follow suit.  Even if we are fabulous in our own right, we sometime feel that we can use a bit of help from our "idol muses".

Here's to being Fabulous!

all pictures courtesy of  http://allstarpics.net

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Style: Iconic Inspirations Part One

Hollywood and the Fashion and Entertainment industry all follow the styles and iconic trends of some of the world's most fashionable trendsetters.

Ali McGraw

From a Photographer's stylist(Assitant to Vogue's Diane Vreeland), turned actress, Ali McGraw was that girl next door of the late 60s on throughout the 1970s. Famous for the first ever claimed Chick Flick Love Story, the stylish brunette turned heads all over Hollywood and New York.


Ali McGraw had a very fashion forward style ahead of its time.


In a world where Brunettes were Second to Blondes, Ali McGraw surprisingly wowed the fashion world with her presence in the industry.

Earth Kitt
Eartha Kitt, Hollywood's famous Femme Felinic and yet sexy Icon inspired lots of women to tap into their sexy prowess with style.


From the 1953 recording of Santa Baby to the 80s hit "Where's My Man" Eartha Kitt has exemplified "sexy" her entire life.  Playing the purring Catwoman on the 1960s Batman television series to Lady Elouise in Eddie Murphy's 1988 film Boomerang, Kitt's inspiration can be seen in today's pop starts and actresses to date.


Dorothy Dandridge

Stunned Hollywood with her flawless beauty and sheer talent. Performing alongside the handsome Harry Belafonte and the chic Sidney Poitier, her beauty almost outshined her co stars and maybe even the script.


For all Stylists and die hard Fashionistas, take a little time out for some inspiration for your next shoot or your very own personal look.

Here's to Being Fabulous!

KarDASHians in Soho

     Finally the Kardashians have unveiled their new boutique to the fashionistas who frequent the Soho shopping district. Located on Spring Street between Mercer and Green next door to the Opera Gallery the boutique has pretty much all things Kardashian, so far. With two mirrored mannequins in the window, it brings attention from the passerby's who trek the Soho area on a daily basis

     From bottled water with a picture of the Kardashian sisters in it to soft scented candles boxed real dainty and individual portraits of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe, it almost makes you feel you're part of their reality series waiting for one of them to enter with a camera crew.  As for the merchandise, they carry Tshirts with the DASH logo, jeans, and for a glitzy night out, they have what you need. Nice dresses, trousers and cute accessories, hats and jewelry.
     Since New Year's Eve is fast approaching, this boutique just as well should be the shopping headquarters for a glamorously styled night out in the City.

     Shop Dash in SoHo NYC.
visit: www.ShopDASHonline.com

Thursday, November 4, 2010

T'is The Season To Be Shopping!

     Now that the Holiday Shopping Season has fell upon us, the question is "Where can you find a great gift?". Well, for the fashionable yet frugal consumers, www.bluefly.com has deals on designer name brands up for grabs. So, instead of those long lines at most department stores and boutiques, curl up in front of you laptop and shop the latest styles.

     With savings of up to 40% off from designers like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, BCBG, Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Dior, and a whole lot more, you can shop for him or her. Most of the designers here on www.bluefly.com carry everything from outerwear to shoes and accessories and handbags. The site is very easy to navigate and makes the enjoyment of shopping less stressful. With that being said, if you're not sure wear to shop for that unique gift idea, www.bluefly.com should be no exception.

Here's to being Fabulous!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Pop Luxe Debut

As the night approached it's end, the Tent and Lincoln Center was all buzzing on the anticipated solo debut of Richie Rich. From the fashionably famed duo Heatherette, Richie Rich did not disappoint the fashionistas who were in attendance. As with any other show you can believe it was a party for sure. With a gracious opening featuring professional ballet dancers and the very talented violinist, Kristine Elezaj, the show was expected, yet unexpected.

The collection boasted bright neon hues with accents that made every fashionista's eye twinkle with the thoughts of their cuteness of the early 80s. From ruffles to bows and rouching, not only did the clothes look fun but actually wearable. There were Seersucker dresses, hot shorts with ruffle detail on the posterior, Swarovski encrusted detailing, and cascading ruffled dresses.
The audience was very pleased and showed their excitement through thunderous applauding and screaming cheers.

After the finale walk while every one expected Richie Rich to immediately take a bow, how unpredictable it was to see under the whimsical pop of silver confetti, the ever so fun Ellen Degeneres. Wearing an all white number and a cute little head piece tilted to the side, she did her own version of a fashion strut which brought the entire Studio to their feet.

It was truly a fun WOW moment and an event well waited for.
Hurray and Congratulations to you Richie!

A Night at Indashio's

The Altman Building in Manhattan was the venue set to hold a packed house of friends, guests and press for Indashio's fashion show.

Since his 2003 launch of "Indashio", the crowned VH1 Glam God has been at the designing/styling helm catering to some of the country's A-listers including Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian. With an in-your-face yet humble approach to creating such fun wearable garments, this show was one of Fashion Week's most anticipated. Everyone from designers to stylists and even a few household names were eagerly awaiting the fruits of his labor that have spawn such creativity.

No stone was left unturned as each model walked the white runway. His taste of New York City inspired styles were all but muted. Giving way to vibrant hues and great details each model walked as if they were sporting their own designs with pride. The details were unforgettable down to the hunky model who bravely grace the runway in nothing but a thong and a torso covered in kisses.

Two familiar faces of fashion and NY social scene, Amber Rose and Jaslene of America's Next Top Model, were on the model roster surprising quite of few guests as they walked. Janice Combs was also in attendance for such a party-vibe show. The shoes were on point, the make up was whimsical and the collection was fun. Not to play down it's awesomeness, however, Indashio didn't miss a beat. Even getting himself primped up for a night of "him" said a lot about the preparation that can go into a show, his show.
The party after the party traveled over to the Highline Ballroom where most of the highly fashionable people turned out to have a good time going forward.

For more information about Indashio please visit www.Indashio.com.

Here's to being Fabulous!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fashion's Night Out French Soiree

This year's Fashion"s Night Out is sure to have every fashionista digging for their credit or debit cards with hopes in finding that stand out item to add to their closet. They should consider the style and designs by Alexis Mabille available at the new Realm boutique located on 98 Greene Street between Spring and Prince Streets slated to open this Fall.

Realm has teamed up with H&S PR (Harrison and Shriftman) to bring an all things French vibe to the boutique for the September 10th event welcoming special guest Alexis Mabille. From French Landmark inspired pastries to live a DJ and champagne, Realm will give probably one of the most fashionable parties of the evening. Mabille will be on hand signing t-shirts from the Fashion's Night Out collection and talking about his own collection.

While we all find out about his inspiration and the thrill to be in New York for Realm's Fashion's Night Out opening, this a chance to get a leg up on what's new to Soho this Fall; and be one of the firsts to own one of his fabulous pieces.

For further details about the Realm Boutique and their designer collections, visit www.realmboutique.com

Here's to Being Fabulous!

Fashion's Night Out 2010

Fashion's Night Out has been created to celebrate fashion on a wide scale while restoring the shopping e of retail consumers. For one night only, shoppers have the go on late night shopping, celebrity sightings and parties throughout some of the most fashionable shopping areas in NYC and 12 other cities. How exciting is this especially during New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!
This year, the excitement has expanded nationwide with expectations of being bigger than last year where over 800 stores from Manhattan to the other four boroughs participated in such an event. Some of the other nations to take part are: Australia, Berlin, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey.

Most retailers will have Fashion's Night out apparel for sale with 40 percent of the proceeds to benefit the NYC Aids Fund. Also the CBS network will air a one hour long special of the making of FNO 2010. Cameras will capture everything from celebrities, retailers, editors and even salespeople who planned and prepared for the September 10th event. The special is scheduled to air September 14th at 10pm.

To stay abreast of everything FNO, you can follow them on Twitter @fnonyc, on Facebook or visit their website www.fashionsnightout.com

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Isabel Marant: One of Soho's Fabulous Shopping Imports

 Isabel Marant has been designing for twenty years starting with accessories back in 1989. Then some five years later, she launched a full line collection that is now the favorites of many editors and fashionistas who know good style. Marant has been know for her Bohemian style designs with short dresses, loose trousers and knits. For the economically cautious consumers, she has created Etoile (which mean star) in 1999. Etoile was considered her lower priced point shop. In 2004, she opted for a children line.
Now in 2010, It has been just a little more than two months since the latest location for Marant's frocks have graced the streets of SoHo. Located in the heart of the chicest shopping district on the corners of Broome and Grand, many Fashion forward consumers can find those haute ready to wear items from the French Import.
As you enter the boutique, you are welcomed by a very neat and polished gentleman who greets you pleasantly and also hold the door for you once you exit. The interior boasts of awesome wood sculpted fixtures created by Architect, Nicolas Andre. Each sculpted piece acts as a partition or separation from one type of garment to the next as if to departmentalize the boutique.
The way the boutique is merchandised, makes it very easy to shop. The way the clothing is designed and sewn together can make any knowledgeable fashionista squeal in anticipation to purchase. The style itself is very fashion forward and gives the vibe of a Parisian approach to dressing for yourself.
With 3 shops in Paris, 9 in Asia, wholesale locations in Europe and the US, it would be fair to predict a lifestyle brand from Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant
469 Broome Street at Greene Street
Soho, NY

Architect: Nicolas Andre www.nicolasandrearchitecte.com

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Say It Ain't So

Are we serious? How much longer are gonna let our sisters, daughters, friend and even some mothers go outside in clothes that are clearly too small for them?

As I stroll through Manhattan and Brooklyn, my eyes have been traumatized by what some women feel to be an outfit of their own. Has the "Mushroom Top" really become an urban fashion trend?

It seems like a fashion free for all. Free to wear small clothing for all women who are neglecting the truth about their bodies. There are some shops in existence that provides women with fashionable items in what is considered true women sizes. Ashley Stewart for example has showcased some haute outfits in their windows throughout the five boroughs.  Even stores like Banana Republic, H&M,  and the ever so inexpensive Old Nay carry in season pieces to make every woman feel their inner fashionista.

There are stylists to assist women who really have no fashion sense. For women who have a bit of fashion sense but just can't get it right, there are image consultants who understands the different  body silhouettes. They can also help find clothing that compliments our favorite assets with out looking like an over stuffed sausage.

Every Fall and Spring is the perfect time to stand in front of the mirror and be truthful about one's opinion of their body and the clothes they are attached to. Put on that favorite outfit and analyze the fit. Honestly, if no one likes how much their "stomach pouch" stick out, maybe the shirt is too tight or just small.  If a woman has to stretch her belt to the last hole just to show off a waist line while creating the Mushroom Top look, has probably a memory of how they used to look and are still holding on to it.

There's nothing wrong with being a size 10 or larger. In a world where being thin, organic diets and strenuous workouts constantly plague our televisions its a wonder why some self-conscious women have the pressure to look like someone they aren't. Oscar winner M'onique does a great job empowering our "real women sized" sisters by being a beautiful example of what it feels like to be a size 10 or larger.

While Jennifer Hudson lost her baby weight, she didn't try to shrink to a size 4 either. Oprah has tried to be extremely thing only to later realize to love the skin she's in.

A person can do one of two things, be upset and embarrassed and ignore the truth behind them wearing little clothes or take heed to such criticism and begin to acknowledge the curves or that "something extra" and style accordingly.

Let's not be afraid to tell our girlfriends how they really look without being condescending.  At the end of the day, you're friends!

Here's to being fabulous!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Africa Fashion Week New York 2010

This year, New York gets ready for a never before seen week long display from the beautiful African Diaspora. From the strong willed and highly reputable force behind Adiree Fashion Agency and Bentley Fashion Consultants, Adiat Disu has mounted what is predicted to be something the Fashion industry has been missing. Africa Fashion Week New York will be held at The Metropolitan Pavilion from July 12th-July 18th 2010.

While buyers and editors get to see what Europe has to offer in designing wearable pieces, it will no longer be a wonder for what will come out of Africa.

From designers like Solome Katongole from Uganda, Vera Ochia, UK's KiRette Couture and Darryl Jagga of South Africa, fashionistas throughout the industry will be in for more than an eye full. With chic silhouettes and vibrant prints and colors, The Metropolitan Pavilion will be stuck in awe for weeks hereafter.

After only 5 years strong in the industry, Adiat Disu, has worn hats most fashion hopefuls dream of. Having created the still existing Bentley Fashion Consultants and then later launching the Adiree Fashion Agency, her lists of clientele goes as far as top NY showroom Showroom Seven, Seventh House PR and designer Korto Momolu who will be showing at this year's AFWNY.

With an in-demand work ethic and a great fashionable background, the very passionate and young Adiat will take the fashion world by a storm like no other fashion event held in NY. Slated to have beautiful African models to grace the runway won't be nothing like an Yves Saint Laurent show which caused a bit of controversy.

Since a lot of fashion insiders believe NY Fashion Week is being white washed while most consumers are either African or of African descent, this year's AFWNY should set a trend to top fashion entities to realize the actual market and showcase a set made possible by those who love to shop their haute frocks!

for more info visit www.afnwy.com; www.adiree.com

The sites will be well received.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Designer Spotlight: UK's own KiRette Couture

KiRette Couture (KC) is a new movement. And at its helm are Cameroonian duo Kibonen Nfi and Anrette Ngafor.

The business savvy image consultant and her über trendy fashion graduate partner weave the originality of tradition and the vibrancy of contemporary styles to bring African sexy back to the wardrobe and catwalk.

Hatched in the New York chic bubble, KC’s signature style is inspired by the toghu - a colourful and intricately embroidered robe typically worn, on special occasions, by the people of Nfi and Ngafor’s native Western Highlands region.

This one-of-a kind label strides boldly across racial and cultural borders by exploring, experimenting with and fusing textiles from around the world.

We are an ethical brand and specialise in tailored, handcrafted and limited edition pieces. Our sourcing and manufacturing arrangements span across Africa and beyond.

Since our inception in January 2009, we continue to build a steady on and offline following of cool “KiRetters” who indulge in our luxurious yet affordable creations.

Let our exquisite designs drape you with class, style and confidence. Stand out from the crowd in KiRette Couture.


UK branch: Anrette Ngafor
Tel: +44 (0)7912 602 095

US division: Kibonen Nfi
Tel: +001 347 5432464

Images and media enquiries:
Ngum Ngafor
Tel: +44 (0) 7944 043 954
Email: ngum.ngafor@kirettecouture.com


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Arise African Collection 2010 at New York's Fashion Week

Part 3 of the African Collections brought in some innovative designs from South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria.

The South African design team Black Coffee, which consists of duo, Jacques van der Watt and partner, Danica Lepen presented a collection that gave a bold, innovative feel to outerwear. With the inspiration from African masks, they seem to have modified the way a coat is made with very warm fabrics in "powdery" hues.

The quilted stitching on wool and leather and modest front and back pleating make these items "must haves".

The short sleeves details and over sized sillouhettes were very South African Princess-like. Draped over their fabulous "Everyone Can Be A Designer" dresses, the styling was like seeing a very confident, outgoing, involved-in-it-all type of fashionista come into existence.

There are coats, jackets and then there's Black Coffee.

A fashionably Bold way to brave the Fall weather.

Loin Cloth & Ashes by Anisa Mpungwe presented the Tents with seasonally appropiate fabrics sewn into great wearable items, good from day to night.While staying away from the predictable oranges, purples and hunter greens, she opted for an array of urban blacks and greys for this collection.
Each item to come from the Tanzanian born designer will allow a lot of women to find their fashion identity. Her crop tops and fluid bottoms added such a fashionable contrast well to be copied by those inspired by African fashion and culture.

Nigeria's own Deola Sagoe gave New York "Above the Fray". When you think of a Maasai warrior or an 18th century European soldier, their battle gear or uniforms come to mind. That was the combined inspiration for Deola Sagoes' 2010 collection. Her mini dresses were very strong in color and design with a mix of textures and fabrics.

Deola has shown jackets with structured shoulders and skinny trousers with sexy detail. All pieces shown were reminiscent of a war era with a feminine approach with waist peplum, lace and beaded finishings.

Another season of Fabulous designs; another reason to style yourself in some very haute frocks inspired and designed from Africa.

photos courtesy of Valerie Caesar

Here's to being Fabulous!!