Sunday, February 21, 2010

Designer Spotlight: UK's own KiRette Couture

KiRette Couture (KC) is a new movement. And at its helm are Cameroonian duo Kibonen Nfi and Anrette Ngafor.

The business savvy image consultant and her ├╝ber trendy fashion graduate partner weave the originality of tradition and the vibrancy of contemporary styles to bring African sexy back to the wardrobe and catwalk.

Hatched in the New York chic bubble, KC’s signature style is inspired by the toghu - a colourful and intricately embroidered robe typically worn, on special occasions, by the people of Nfi and Ngafor’s native Western Highlands region.

This one-of-a kind label strides boldly across racial and cultural borders by exploring, experimenting with and fusing textiles from around the world.

We are an ethical brand and specialise in tailored, handcrafted and limited edition pieces. Our sourcing and manufacturing arrangements span across Africa and beyond.

Since our inception in January 2009, we continue to build a steady on and offline following of cool “KiRetters” who indulge in our luxurious yet affordable creations.

Let our exquisite designs drape you with class, style and confidence. Stand out from the crowd in KiRette Couture.


UK branch: Anrette Ngafor
Tel: +44 (0)7912 602 095

US division: Kibonen Nfi
Tel: +001 347 5432464

Images and media enquiries:
Ngum Ngafor
Tel: +44 (0) 7944 043 954


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Arise African Collection 2010 at New York's Fashion Week

Part 3 of the African Collections brought in some innovative designs from South Africa, Tanzania and Nigeria.

The South African design team Black Coffee, which consists of duo, Jacques van der Watt and partner, Danica Lepen presented a collection that gave a bold, innovative feel to outerwear. With the inspiration from African masks, they seem to have modified the way a coat is made with very warm fabrics in "powdery" hues.

The quilted stitching on wool and leather and modest front and back pleating make these items "must haves".

The short sleeves details and over sized sillouhettes were very South African Princess-like. Draped over their fabulous "Everyone Can Be A Designer" dresses, the styling was like seeing a very confident, outgoing, involved-in-it-all type of fashionista come into existence.

There are coats, jackets and then there's Black Coffee.

A fashionably Bold way to brave the Fall weather.

Loin Cloth & Ashes by Anisa Mpungwe presented the Tents with seasonally appropiate fabrics sewn into great wearable items, good from day to night.While staying away from the predictable oranges, purples and hunter greens, she opted for an array of urban blacks and greys for this collection.
Each item to come from the Tanzanian born designer will allow a lot of women to find their fashion identity. Her crop tops and fluid bottoms added such a fashionable contrast well to be copied by those inspired by African fashion and culture.

Nigeria's own Deola Sagoe gave New York "Above the Fray". When you think of a Maasai warrior or an 18th century European soldier, their battle gear or uniforms come to mind. That was the combined inspiration for Deola Sagoes' 2010 collection. Her mini dresses were very strong in color and design with a mix of textures and fabrics.

Deola has shown jackets with structured shoulders and skinny trousers with sexy detail. All pieces shown were reminiscent of a war era with a feminine approach with waist peplum, lace and beaded finishings.

Another season of Fabulous designs; another reason to style yourself in some very haute frocks inspired and designed from Africa.

photos courtesy of Valerie Caesar

Here's to being Fabulous!!