Monday, November 8, 2010

Fly Finds at Brooklyn Flea

Every Saturday on Claremont Avenue and Lafayette Street in the Fort Green section in Brooklyn, you'll notice of sea of vintage finds. If you're looking for that odd item that would work well either with your outfit or for your home, then The Brooklyn Flea should be calling you.

With up to over one hundred vendors all selling clothes that dates back to the 1930s along with almost forgotten designer label handbags, makes shopping the "Flea" feel like you're shopping new shipment. While some fashion trends make a comeback with an updated twist, there's nothing like that original piece that inspired the updates. It gives off more than just a vintage appeal; it shows originality.

We take a look at some nice jewelry vendors who have fashionable costume pieces, sterling silver and even wood.

Amaya Designs feature Hand crafted Sterling Silver and Fashion Jewelry along with Home decor.
The collections boasted a very selective choice of Mens Sterling Silver rings, Hoop earrings for the Ladies, precious stones like Turquoise, Onyx and Pearls.

The collection has enough for everyone on your holiday gift list. With beautifully crafted statement necklaces for that celebratory night out or for the romantic rendezvous, Amaya has that piece for your occasion.

For more information on the collection, please visit

Helveta Vyotlag  thought outside the box with the creation of rings made from wood in asymetric design and tiny heavy paper weights. The most standout item the vendor showcased were the two finger wooden rings.

Such a great attention grabber and fashionable conversation piece. With representation from the creators of the Metro Card Belt buckle,  Scott Behr of Total Metal Resource NYC says, "It fits in so well with what we do".

The rings and earrings are light weight and fun and also neatly crafted.
For further information about TMR NYC, visit

Every fashionista's claim to Fashion Fame is to own an expensive designer handbag. Well, without breaking the bank, look for NeNeNn 155's booth. There you'll find vintage Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other uniqulely crafted hadbags that date back to the 80s and maybe even the 70s.

They carry belts, shoes and bags and their customer service isn't overbearing to say the least. Very friendly gentlmen who knows style.
Get to know NeNeNn 155 by visiting

For the traditional vintage shopper, Harry Cooker travels from Douglaston, NY with his great collection of beautiful clip on earrings, Jeweled statement necklaces and one-of-a-kind brooches from owls to Black Cameos.

With such a large stock to shop from, you don't get overwhelmed, you get caught up in deciding how much you're buying. Mr Cooker also offers in-home Jewelry Parties that you can host.
To get further details on how you can host your Jewelry Party or to shop the collection, you can email Harry Cooker at

Some Brooklynites are familiar with

For those who aren't, Debbie Martine carries Womens dresses and Mens scarves in the most comfortable, breathable fabric in such vibrant colors and prints.

She also carry gorgeous caftans that gives a good flow and good felt breezes in the warmer climate months. With so many choices, you'll find yourself making numerous appointments to shop the fabulous garbs. Martine's Dream is a highly recommended shopping experience for its choice in fabrics and beauty in design.
For more on Martine's Dream, visit

If you miss these fabulous vendors on Saturdays, You can always check back in at Skylight One Hanson located at One Hanson Place (directly across from the Atlantic Avenue Terminal on the 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q and R trains) for an indoor shopping experience with all the vendors mentioned and a whole lot more.
For more information on how you can obtain space to place your fabulous finds, go to

Here's to Being Fabulous!

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