Wednesday, May 29, 2013

THIS JUST IN: Dolce and Gabbana's Tax Evasion Can Cost Them Two and a Half Years In Prison

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Prison blue may not be a good color for the design duo however, they are being asked to serve for a much lesser time than the usual 5 years. But don't fret, they won't be going alone. It seems also that Domenico's brother Alfonso, Luciano Patelli the company's accountant and Finance Director Guiseppe Minoni are all facing charges ranging from two to three years each as order by Antonella Brambilla, the judge presiding over the case.

This case is said to have attracted such interest due to a forfeiting of $150 Billion in unpaid taxes by the country. Eyebrows were raised when checking into the selling of the D&G Brand to the designers holding company Gado Srl, based in Luxembourg.

They have been awarded a fine of $343.3 Million EUROS (that's $444,269, 679.50 USD).

Maybe after their release we'll see some prison inspired digs....'s to being fabulous and free!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Met Gala 2013

In case you missed last night's Ode to Punk at the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian finally gets invited, (and wants so bad to grace the cover of Vogue, she was seen having dinner with Anna Wintour); Anna Hathaway is now a blonde and while the theme was "Punk", only a handful of attendees were spot on. 

We liked Miley Cyrus' and Nicole Richie's look.

Please take a moment to see some footage of last night's soiree....

Madonna forgot her pants last night.

Beyonce in Givenchy

Kerry Washington in Vera Wang

More of your favorite celebs

Who would you say made your best dressed/worse dressed list?

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