Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fashion Open House at Factory PR

Factory PR held an open house yesterday to give fashionistas a glimpse into what's next from the collections they house. With Brands like Leila Shams, MCM, Ruthie Davis, and Betsey Johnson, Fashion Noteworthy got a chance to view some spectacular designs along with Showroom Assistant Kat Cooper. 

Beautiful necklaces by Betsey Johnson

Kat was able to show off the showrooms brands by giving details to what's included in the new collections. Sifting through the designated racks by designer, jaws dropped when we were introduced to 
Leila Shams...
Intricate pattern beading

Jersey fabric with beading

MCM handbags have a new look added to their iconic logo:

Ruthie Davis' footwear is trendy with an added twist to the current styles:

Patent leather Spike High Top

And what is fashion without a bit controversy? From the sheets to Lingerie, Zahia Dehar has created a lingerie line working alongside German designer Karl Lagerfeld. Premiering back in January 2012, her collection caters to high end customers...

Saving the best for last, Betsey Johnson.....Factory PR's most well-known client always keeps it fun, quirky and feminine every season:

Quilted Heart stitching

Heart Studded bag

Girly Skull detail-they have bows!

Clever "Boxing Glove" bag and clutch

Fashion Noteworthy got an eye full of hot trendy must haves for Fall. Getting an insight to the collections and the stories behind them made the open house well worth attending. We are excited to see if we can spot some of these items at next month's Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, we will be on the look out!'s to being fabulous!

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