Monday, September 20, 2010

A Night at Indashio's

The Altman Building in Manhattan was the venue set to hold a packed house of friends, guests and press for Indashio's fashion show.

Since his 2003 launch of "Indashio", the crowned VH1 Glam God has been at the designing/styling helm catering to some of the country's A-listers including Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian. With an in-your-face yet humble approach to creating such fun wearable garments, this show was one of Fashion Week's most anticipated. Everyone from designers to stylists and even a few household names were eagerly awaiting the fruits of his labor that have spawn such creativity.

No stone was left unturned as each model walked the white runway. His taste of New York City inspired styles were all but muted. Giving way to vibrant hues and great details each model walked as if they were sporting their own designs with pride. The details were unforgettable down to the hunky model who bravely grace the runway in nothing but a thong and a torso covered in kisses.

Two familiar faces of fashion and NY social scene, Amber Rose and Jaslene of America's Next Top Model, were on the model roster surprising quite of few guests as they walked. Janice Combs was also in attendance for such a party-vibe show. The shoes were on point, the make up was whimsical and the collection was fun. Not to play down it's awesomeness, however, Indashio didn't miss a beat. Even getting himself primped up for a night of "him" said a lot about the preparation that can go into a show, his show.
The party after the party traveled over to the Highline Ballroom where most of the highly fashionable people turned out to have a good time going forward.

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Here's to being Fabulous!

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