Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Winter Dibs

This Winter it is all about statement coats. Desigual has been doing this for some time now with their signature bright abstracts and bold prints. The Spanish import uses detailed embroidery for that gfemme femme factor.

Even during the coldest days of the season, any fashionista can still look chic and not so bulky in so many layers. Uniqlo has been a God send for those who loathe the freezing temps. With their famous Heat Tech technology, braving New York winters are a fashion fête to conquer. 

When it comes to putting your best foot forward, no shoe or boot can be both trendy and warm like a fashionable Ugg boot. No, we are not talking about the overly frequented styles made popular by college girls. We are talking about some chic high heel boots, , short active styles with detailed studding. While stepping out, your feet will also be warm.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make-Up Innovator: Nikki's Magic Wand

The Make-Up Industry and girls who like make up can now be grateful of one of the most innovative tools ever, and it should be in every girl's make-up bag. 
Nikki's Magic Wand is just that, Magic! 
This creation is made to allow consumers to get the most out of their make-up. No more will you have to waste that expensive MAC product because you couldn't get to the bottom of the tube.

Basically, how the Magic Wand works is, its thinner that your average lip gloss applicator. This makes it easy for you to be able to get down to the bottom of your lip gloss or make up. You can also get left or hard to reach make up that has rested in the "shoulder" of the tube with its flexible tip. 

Don't let the shape of your lip gloss or make up deter you away. This wand can fit any shape. As seen in the video demonstration (link below), its very easy to use, no instructions needed.

To see for yourself, click here

Our Editor believes this was one of the best creations since double-sided tape!

For more information of this fabulous product please log on www.nikkismagicwand.com

...here's to being fabulous!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Diane von Furstenberg Accessories Shop Opens in the Meat Packing District

440 West 14th Street, NYC, NY

Plotted in her Headquarters Gallery space on 440 West 14th Street, Diane von Furstenberg opened her first accessories shop last week. Her Pre-Fall accessories collection is there as well, just in time for Fashion Week. 
The 440 Collection
Sutra Mini

The interior decor boasts mannequins in her signature Wrap-dresses in many variations positioned on top of that lush pink carpet.


The Quilted Milo and 440 Mini are available at the shop along with other goodies such as sandals, wedges, wallets, wristlets and even iPhone cases. It's her way of "...highlighting our favorite styles...".

The Mini 440

iPhone case

440 Envelope Embossed Python Clutch

Quilted Milo

To view and purchase this collection , please visit the shop located at 440 WEST 14th Street, NYC, NY or log on to www.dvf.com where you can find her accessories for sale as well.

....here's to being fabulous!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blonde, Cropped and Cute...Ms. Carter!

When Beyonce is on stage, we are all familiar with the wind blown tresses she sway back and forth during her performances. Well a few hours ago, Ms. Carter has revealed on Instagram her new, blonde crop cut. 

Many are speculating the cut being done due to a most recent episode where her hair was caught in a fan while on stage performing her hit "Halo".

This new "do" is something most of her fans would take some getting used to while for others who hum a low toned "Finally!", they get to see Beyonce as refreshed and renewed. No hating over here, we at Fashion Noteworthy thinks this is a breath of fresh air from the Icon's signature look and we can only anticipate what hot and sexy looks Ty will have her wearing in her future appearances.

....here's to being fabulous!

Fashion Open House at Factory PR

Factory PR held an open house yesterday to give fashionistas a glimpse into what's next from the collections they house. With Brands like Leila Shams, MCM, Ruthie Davis, and Betsey Johnson, Fashion Noteworthy got a chance to view some spectacular designs along with Showroom Assistant Kat Cooper. 

Beautiful necklaces by Betsey Johnson

Kat was able to show off the showrooms brands by giving details to what's included in the new collections. Sifting through the designated racks by designer, jaws dropped when we were introduced to 
Leila Shams...
Intricate pattern beading

Jersey fabric with beading


MCM handbags have a new look added to their iconic logo:


Ruthie Davis' footwear is trendy with an added twist to the current styles:

Patent leather Spike High Top


And what is fashion without a bit controversy? From the sheets to Lingerie, Zahia Dehar has created a lingerie line working alongside German designer Karl Lagerfeld. Premiering back in January 2012, her collection caters to high end customers...


Saving the best for last, Betsey Johnson.....Factory PR's most well-known client always keeps it fun, quirky and feminine every season:

Quilted Heart stitching

Heart Studded bag

Girly Skull detail-they have bows!

Clever "Boxing Glove" bag and clutch

Fashion Noteworthy got an eye full of hot trendy must haves for Fall. Getting an insight to the collections and the stories behind them made the open house well worth attending. We are excited to see if we can spot some of these items at next month's Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, we will be on the look out!

....here's to being fabulous!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013