Saturday, July 25, 2009

Trashed Treasures

In these times of a recession, while consumers still want to shop to look fabulous or to get that one item that completes the home, who wants to pay regular retail prices? While settling in my new neighborhood, I found a great flea market just on the corner of my street. You'd be surprised at what people don't want anymore. The vendors have everything from homemade candles and scents to antique furniture to vintage clothes. They even sell old and new music for almost pennies on the dollar. The vendors are actually residents of the area which gives the market a family vibe. I decided to jump on that bandwagon so, what I've done was gathered up some collectibles from an outside source and set up my own section with great designer vintage pieces.

Afterall, they were gonna go down the incinerators anyway.

I carry items from Anna Sui, Oscar, DKNY just to tease you a bit. As the saying goes, "someone's trash can be someone else's treasure". I find that to be absolutely true. Why, because of the reactions I get from my fellow fashionistas who love one of a kind garments. If you're looking for an African print suit or even a Chinese smoking robe, I have it. If you need an outfit for later tonight, I have it. The stock of what I have is to cater to women of all demographics and age groups. As well as ways of life. There are no limitations to what you can kind for wherever you go. The most exciting thought of it all is when the season calls for items that are just right. If you need coats and jackets and all things for fall, Diata will have it.

Hmm, the things people trash; the things people buy and the way a true fashionista styles it is what makes trashed items fashionable "Treasures".

If YOU are interested in a fashionable "one of a kind custom designer vintage pieces" contact me.

In the mean time...

Shop on!

Here's to being Fabulous!

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