Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Isabel Marant: One of Soho's Fabulous Shopping Imports

 Isabel Marant has been designing for twenty years starting with accessories back in 1989. Then some five years later, she launched a full line collection that is now the favorites of many editors and fashionistas who know good style. Marant has been know for her Bohemian style designs with short dresses, loose trousers and knits. For the economically cautious consumers, she has created Etoile (which mean star) in 1999. Etoile was considered her lower priced point shop. In 2004, she opted for a children line.
Now in 2010, It has been just a little more than two months since the latest location for Marant's frocks have graced the streets of SoHo. Located in the heart of the chicest shopping district on the corners of Broome and Grand, many Fashion forward consumers can find those haute ready to wear items from the French Import.
As you enter the boutique, you are welcomed by a very neat and polished gentleman who greets you pleasantly and also hold the door for you once you exit. The interior boasts of awesome wood sculpted fixtures created by Architect, Nicolas Andre. Each sculpted piece acts as a partition or separation from one type of garment to the next as if to departmentalize the boutique.
The way the boutique is merchandised, makes it very easy to shop. The way the clothing is designed and sewn together can make any knowledgeable fashionista squeal in anticipation to purchase. The style itself is very fashion forward and gives the vibe of a Parisian approach to dressing for yourself.
With 3 shops in Paris, 9 in Asia, wholesale locations in Europe and the US, it would be fair to predict a lifestyle brand from Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant
469 Broome Street at Greene Street
Soho, NY

Architect: Nicolas Andre www.nicolasandrearchitecte.com

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