Sunday, June 6, 2010

Africa Fashion Week New York 2010

This year, New York gets ready for a never before seen week long display from the beautiful African Diaspora. From the strong willed and highly reputable force behind Adiree Fashion Agency and Bentley Fashion Consultants, Adiat Disu has mounted what is predicted to be something the Fashion industry has been missing. Africa Fashion Week New York will be held at The Metropolitan Pavilion from July 12th-July 18th 2010.

While buyers and editors get to see what Europe has to offer in designing wearable pieces, it will no longer be a wonder for what will come out of Africa.

From designers like Solome Katongole from Uganda, Vera Ochia, UK's KiRette Couture and Darryl Jagga of South Africa, fashionistas throughout the industry will be in for more than an eye full. With chic silhouettes and vibrant prints and colors, The Metropolitan Pavilion will be stuck in awe for weeks hereafter.

After only 5 years strong in the industry, Adiat Disu, has worn hats most fashion hopefuls dream of. Having created the still existing Bentley Fashion Consultants and then later launching the Adiree Fashion Agency, her lists of clientele goes as far as top NY showroom Showroom Seven, Seventh House PR and designer Korto Momolu who will be showing at this year's AFWNY.

With an in-demand work ethic and a great fashionable background, the very passionate and young Adiat will take the fashion world by a storm like no other fashion event held in NY. Slated to have beautiful African models to grace the runway won't be nothing like an Yves Saint Laurent show which caused a bit of controversy.

Since a lot of fashion insiders believe NY Fashion Week is being white washed while most consumers are either African or of African descent, this year's AFWNY should set a trend to top fashion entities to realize the actual market and showcase a set made possible by those who love to shop their haute frocks!

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