Friday, February 15, 2013

Boy Meets Girl by Stacy Igel Fall 2013 Invasion Collection


Stacy Igel's Boy Meets Girl Fall 2013 Invasion Collection was all "Brit Pop". The way the United States embraced the British Pop culture like Oasis, Blur and the Spice Girls for example, was her approach in this season's theme. Presented by Conair and Style360 , not only was the collection fun and youthful but you can tell by the attendees, it was one of the most energetic shows to be seen during NYFW. And let's not forget to mention, she introduced two new collections....."Boy Meets Girl GIRLS and Boy Meets Girl University and Classic." Stacy mentions.

The audience was filled with some every familiar faces like Jermaine Dupree, Rosario Dawson, Mob Wives Carla Facciolo and Dallas Cowboys Michael Coe and a performance by Leah LaBelle.

Models having a photo moment


Sneaker wedges courtesy of Go Jane

 DSCF0540 DSCF0556      
Leah Labelle performing
Adorable Models in their funny faces

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 13:  Stacy Igel attends the Boy Meets Girl By Stacy Igel...
Stacy Igel

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photos courtesy of Dave Kotinsky and Tom Mendes

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Zang Toi's Fall 2013 Colection-Malaysia Edition

Malam tadi menunjukkan koleksi Kejatuhan Zang Toi 2013 adalah kemewahan fesyen dengan inspirasi berpunca daripada Imperial Rusia; berfikir Telur Faberge atau Peterhof Palace misalnya. Zang digunakan kekayaan warna yang membayangkan pada semua perkara dengan warna permata seperti Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald dan Amber Regal. Koleksi dipotong ke dalam berkumpulan Oscar hebat layak yang datang di Sable, Fox, Mink, Sutera, Cashmere, Mohair, Crepe, bulu dan Satin. Selepas berjalan kaki Finale, buzz di seluruh tempat yang menunjukkan Zang itu adalah satu-satunya semua Mercedes Benz Minggu Fesyen untuk menerima tepukan gemuruh dengan tepukan gemuruh. Semua tentang menunjukkan bahawa adalah ditala kepada tema. Malah, ketika sedang duduk, Clemens Michael Jackson Di Moscow pada ulangan. Sesetengah orang telah stumped pada pengulangan tetapi apabila lampu dimalapkan dan muzik berubah, ia menjadi tidak brainer.

Berikut adalah apa yang kita maksudkan ....

Zang Toi's Fall 2013 Collection

Last night's showing of Zang Toi's Fall 2013 collection was fashion opulence with the inspiration stemming from Imperial Russia; think of the Faberge Egg or Peterhof Palace for instance. Zang used the richness of hues that hinted on all things Regal with gem colors like Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald and Amber. The collection was cut into fabulous ensembles that came in Sable, Fox, Mink, Silk, Cashmere, Mohair, Crepe, Wool and Satin. 
After the Finale walk, the buzz throughout the venue was that Zang's show was the only one of all of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to receive a standing ovation with a thunderous applause. Everything about that show was in tuned to its theme. Even while being seated, Michael Jackson's Stranger In Moscow was on repeat. Some people were stumped on the repetition but when the lights dimmed and the music changed, it became a no brainer.

Here's what we mean....

For more information on where you can purchase a Zang Toi item please go to's to being Fabulous!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mataano Fall 2013 Power Dressing

Power Dressingrefers to a style of clothing and hair intended to make wearers seem authoritative and competent, especially in professional settings in business.....

For Fall 2013, Mataano presented their definition of Power Dressing. Bringing strong, edgy and confidence to their customers' closets, they're pushing for an assertive direction in the way she looks. Their choice fabrics were patent leather, animal prints on silks and some unexpected"Classically tailored" outerwear in felted wool; with a palette of pink mocha, rich Bordeaux, navy and deep black, "...this Mataano woman is not interested in making concessions, she dominates"-Mataano.

We give you...Mataano.....

Immediatley after the show, the chairs were pulled out of the way to make room for mingling and networking. Fashion Noteworthy was able to snatch up a few of Fashion Week's beautiful people for a picture moment. We must say, contrary to what some may believe about a model's behavior, they were the most easy going, approachable and very friendly people at the venue....

Diata Wallace and Shaun Ross

Diata and Fatimah, ANTM contestant

Diata with the fabulous Sesilee Lopez

NBC's Tamron Hall

Diata and a good friend/model

Diata and one half of the dynamic Mataano duo  Idyll's to being fabulous!