Saturday, November 6, 2010

KarDASHians in Soho

     Finally the Kardashians have unveiled their new boutique to the fashionistas who frequent the Soho shopping district. Located on Spring Street between Mercer and Green next door to the Opera Gallery the boutique has pretty much all things Kardashian, so far. With two mirrored mannequins in the window, it brings attention from the passerby's who trek the Soho area on a daily basis

     From bottled water with a picture of the Kardashian sisters in it to soft scented candles boxed real dainty and individual portraits of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe, it almost makes you feel you're part of their reality series waiting for one of them to enter with a camera crew.  As for the merchandise, they carry Tshirts with the DASH logo, jeans, and for a glitzy night out, they have what you need. Nice dresses, trousers and cute accessories, hats and jewelry.
     Since New Year's Eve is fast approaching, this boutique just as well should be the shopping headquarters for a glamorously styled night out in the City.

     Shop Dash in SoHo NYC.

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