Saturday, November 6, 2010

Style: Iconic Inspirations Part One

Hollywood and the Fashion and Entertainment industry all follow the styles and iconic trends of some of the world's most fashionable trendsetters.

Ali McGraw

From a Photographer's stylist(Assitant to Vogue's Diane Vreeland), turned actress, Ali McGraw was that girl next door of the late 60s on throughout the 1970s. Famous for the first ever claimed Chick Flick Love Story, the stylish brunette turned heads all over Hollywood and New York.

Ali McGraw had a very fashion forward style ahead of its time.

In a world where Brunettes were Second to Blondes, Ali McGraw surprisingly wowed the fashion world with her presence in the industry.

Earth Kitt
Eartha Kitt, Hollywood's famous Femme Felinic and yet sexy Icon inspired lots of women to tap into their sexy prowess with style.

From the 1953 recording of Santa Baby to the 80s hit "Where's My Man" Eartha Kitt has exemplified "sexy" her entire life.  Playing the purring Catwoman on the 1960s Batman television series to Lady Elouise in Eddie Murphy's 1988 film Boomerang, Kitt's inspiration can be seen in today's pop starts and actresses to date.

Dorothy Dandridge

Stunned Hollywood with her flawless beauty and sheer talent. Performing alongside the handsome Harry Belafonte and the chic Sidney Poitier, her beauty almost outshined her co stars and maybe even the script.

For all Stylists and die hard Fashionistas, take a little time out for some inspiration for your next shoot or your very own personal look.

Here's to Being Fabulous!

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