Tuesday, March 26, 2013

$100 Million.....That's Just Nasty!!!

Nasty Gal Founder, Sophia Amoruso
Most college students drop out and find jobs well beneath what their degree what have allowed them to have. Some even take jobs that have nothing to do with what they were studying. Or they'll just work to get a pay check. In some cases that can be the norm in this economy. Well for Sophia Amoruso, something sparked her creative intuition to begin a side hustle.

In 2006, while earning a mere $13 an hour, this side hustle became necessary and necessary indeed. She started an ebay page selling Vintage clothes and named it Nasty Gal.  Nasty Gal is a clothing page for young 20 somethings in which it offers classic pieces that are so fitting with today's trends. And of course, it's Womens' clothing. Not yet even 30 years old and she has already profited a sweet $100 Million in sales.

Having a large and growing following, she coins her brand as being, "the fastest-growing retailer in the country".    

What started out with finding a Chanel Jacket for $8 and selling it for $1000 is what put her on the path to becoming a multi-millionaire. There's something about selling vintage clothing online we see. 

Besides, they don't make clothing like they used to.  When in doubt, shop vintage!

....here's to being fabulous!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Beyonce as Mrs Carter in H&M

H&M's newest campaign features Mrs Carter aka Beyonce Knowles.  This Summer's collection represents four elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. During this shoot she was modelling items that are more of her style, given her personal input.

Perfect timing for her Mrs Carter Show scheduled to happen at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center later this year. Will the singer be clad in some "H&M for Mrs Carter" pieces to push the campaign? It would be hot to see H&M raise the bar and create something exclusive for a celebrity's concert. After, all, major design houses have partnered with the brand for some time now giving us fashionistas a new budget friendly opportunity to stay fly.

Some of us do wonder, however, what happened to House Of Dereon? Has that brand folded? 

....here's to being fabulous!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stars In Stripes

  The word is out the new trend is in.  Not only are we seeing stars but we're seeing them in stripes. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal, whatever the direction, make sure you're not left behind.

In this post we take a quick look in to the how celeb have pulled off this trend and also give you some shopping suggestions. We wouldn't you trying to work the trend, we want you to look like you know what you're doing. . If you want to pay homage to the Jail House Rock look or add a some colorful stripes to your wardrobe, here's a few Stars in Stripes to help you on your next shopping trip.

....here's to being fabulous!

Our fave
La La Anthony
Halle Berry
Zoe Saldana
Miley Cyrus
 June Ambrose
Sarah Jessica Parker

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fabulous at 15

Not yet even able to vote but making her name relevant, is the young and creative fashion designer Courtney Allegra.
Varsity Letterman Jacket (Pink)
At 15, most children are thinking of college goals and career aspirations. That wasn't the case for Courtney. The 15 year old Southern California native began designing at age 8 when her grandmother gave her her first sewing machine.

She has a vision for her ideal customer, keeping her elegant, fun and classic. Her approach to her collection is to bring fun and boldness to it while also making the everyday Little Black Dress "Pop". So far the boldness factor is evident and her leathers aren't too far behind with her Pre-Fall Varsity Letterman jackets and matching Mini skirts.

With a mature approach from such a young and talented individual and a well thought out campaign, a lot of girls and young women will have a lot to look forward to when looking for a new item to add to their closets.
For more information and where to shop Courtney Allegra's designs, log on to http://courtneyallegra.com

Little Black Dress
Leather Umbrella Skirt
Leather Umbrella Skirt

Ruffle Jacket
Ruffled Jacket

.....here's to being Fabulous!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Color Me Cute!

The Pastel color trend has been sneaking up on us since late Fall 2012. Gradually there were many social media sites that were already sharing outfit suggestions using those "easy-on-the-eye" hues. With the growing circulation of the trend now being seen in boutique and shop windows, this  gives us a chance to sigh in anticipation for Spring's arrival. 
From nail and eye color, to the new ombre dyed hair trend to cute little pastries, everyone is hinting on Spring.


Eye popping, Lip smacking, Hair swinging and Sweet tasting pastels will be infiltrating everywhere this Spring 

This trend won't be limited to just women's apparel. Some of our most stylish gentlemen can weigh in on this trend too. 
Here's what we mean....

Used with a neutral base, good for accessorizing


...here's to being fabulous!

Monday, March 11, 2013

High-End Spring/Summer Styles On A Low-End Budget

Once a trend hits the market, most of us don't want to trek to the back of the store to the sales racks. We want the latest. Sometimes the latest can be out of our budget....would we really pay $300+ for a pair of shorts or does $19.00 have a better sound to it? 

Fashion Noteworthy is going to show you in comparison to two outfits seen on www.refinery29.com how you can get the same high-end styles on a Teen's allowance budget. Each complete look priced under $70, yes you read that right!

You'll thanks us after you've been handed your receipt!

Look #1
This great ensemble by Wald Berlin, available this April can set u back by $935. The jacket is $625; shorts, $310!!!

Here's our inexpensive take on the Wald Berlin's look:
For the same style idea, and at a much  pocket friendlier amount, these Solid Woven Shorts from Forever 21 are just $19.80

This Longline Single Button Blazer, also from Forever 21 is only $32.80

So you see, you can can still capture the Wald Berlin look for only $52.60. Add a nice statement piece necklace, a cute cocktail ring and some killer Strappies and you are set!

Look #2
Here's another pocket shock....A Karen Walker top for $280 and Timo Weiland leather shorts for $295.
Marissa Webb Willa Pointy Toe heels, $498; 
A total of $1,073 for this whole look.

Now, check out this outfit breakdown:  
To master the above $1,000 look, we've found a lesser price point range to lure you into shopping without dipping in to your "bill" stash

That cute Peter Pan collar polka dot sweater* costs just $19.80;
The short Studded Faux Leather shorts* are $19.80
The D'Orsay Ankle Strap Pumps* are $26.80
This total look will run you a cool $66.40
*all available at Forever 21

So, while we all watch our favorite celebrities to see what trends they are pushing, some of us have to maintain the reality that in some cases, what they pay for their outfits, is some of our monthly rent amounts.  What do you say to a die hard fashionista, on a Ramen noodle diet who desperately wants to rock a current trend?....Mimic!  At least then after that, she can maybe afford a nice meal at STK.

...here's to being fabulous!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ireland Baldwin Just Signed With 2 Major Modeling Agencies

The stunning 16 year old, 6 foot 2 daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Ireland Baldwin has just signed with Model agency Juggernauts IMG and Two Management. She will be added to a roster along with household names like Tyra Banks, Chanel Iman and Kate Moss. 

On Tuesday she tweeted, "...Officially working for @TwoManagement and @IMGModels!" She's also "blessed, happy and ready to weeeeeeerk!

Following in Mom's footsteps, Kim was signed to Ford Models when she was 16. The two of them share the same stunning looks. 

We look forward to seeing her grace the covers of top publications and seeing who she will be walking for during next season's NY Fashion Week.

....here's to being fabulous!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Shoe In To This Spring/Summer's Must Haves

For all you shoe lovers who haven't got a clue as to what shoe to purchase for this Spring and Summer's glorious outings....enjoy!

Step stunningly....here's to being fabulous?

video courtesy of Gillian Armour via YouTube