Sunday, November 7, 2010

Style: Iconic Inspirations Part Two


The trend chameleon who changes her look with each new album release, Madonna has gone from Punk Rock chic, to costume queen to "Madge". 

 Even as your monthly pin up girl, Madonna still manages to stay relevant

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle is the most sought after African American actress who give brown skin girls something more to believe in.....being Powerful in the skin they're in.

The chocolate bombshell sets numerous hair tends and has been seen on many red carpets getting it right!

With her flawless skin and perfectly styled hair, you better believe she's not only turning heads but also inspiring a lot of young ladies to feel beautiful.


Even Fallen Angels are icons of style. As we look into the early life and times of Aaliyah's style, we see how sexy, shy and feminine she truly was.  From the over sized bottoms and tight fitted tops showing some mid drift to skin tight catsuits and pretty dresses, Aaliyah stayed true to her identity with out the Fashion Police on her tail.

Whether it was the naturally long tresses, those loose fitted jeans or the big dark pair of shades, Aaliyah's trademarks are still donned on some of the chicest around.

It's not always a person's outfit that grabs us to want to copy it. It could be their hair, the way they wear their make up or the accessories they carry that inspire fashionistas to follow suit.  Even if we are fabulous in our own right, we sometime feel that we can use a bit of help from our "idol muses".

Here's to being Fabulous!

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