Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make-Up Innovator: Nikki's Magic Wand

The Make-Up Industry and girls who like make up can now be grateful of one of the most innovative tools ever, and it should be in every girl's make-up bag. 
Nikki's Magic Wand is just that, Magic! 
This creation is made to allow consumers to get the most out of their make-up. No more will you have to waste that expensive MAC product because you couldn't get to the bottom of the tube.

Basically, how the Magic Wand works is, its thinner that your average lip gloss applicator. This makes it easy for you to be able to get down to the bottom of your lip gloss or make up. You can also get left or hard to reach make up that has rested in the "shoulder" of the tube with its flexible tip. 

Don't let the shape of your lip gloss or make up deter you away. This wand can fit any shape. As seen in the video demonstration (link below), its very easy to use, no instructions needed.

To see for yourself, click here

Our Editor believes this was one of the best creations since double-sided tape!

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