Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who's That Lady?

You have Cher, Diana, Madonna and then there's Tinu, the creative Mastermind behind what most would call a Shoe Lover's Powerhouse, Shoeholics Club. 

The Shoeholics Club is a free online community exclusively for shoe lovers where you can sign up, become a member, create a profile and share pics and enjoy all things SHOES!!!

With the recent success of the first Anniversary/ Holiday party at Pranna Lounge for Shoeholics Magazine, this Social Butterfly has raised the bar on accessory publications. Printing the first of its kind, Shoeholics Magazine gives their readers a bit of trendy how-to's, helpful tips on foot care and the hottest in shoe styles that can make anyone, male or female drool on the pages. Also, Tinu is the author of the hardcover book The Shoeholic 
which details true Shoeholic stories, obviously she left no stone un-turned.

The NYU alum has donned a few hats as singer/songwriter, designer, philanthropist, publisher, model and founder and President of the Shoeholics Club. Having traveled the globe so may times over, her sense of style boasts the exotic locations where she shows off her uniqueness, effortlessly. With a viral hit on YouTube, MTV, FUSE and LOGO, her video Shoeholics humorously depicts the consequences of a Shoeholic's addiction to what else....shoes!        

Owning a die hard collection of some of the most fabulous shoes Tinu's vision and Shoeholics mission is aimed at the love of really good designed shoes, never mind the brand or price. 

The fabulous world of Shoe Lovers can all exhale and bask in the fact that we have a community where it is all about the love of shoes....

....Here's to being Fabulous!

for more information about Tinu and Shoeholics Club please check out www.tinuonline.com and www.shoeholicsclub.com.  You can also log on to Facebook and search Shoeholics.

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