Friday, December 21, 2012

Pantone Says The Color Is Green Y'all

emerald main

As with fashion designers, most travel around the world for inspiration for their upcoming collections. The team at Pantone arrives with their color choices based on what is around us all. Be it a constant sighting in art, film, futuristic visions, nature or any eye grabbing aspect, a color for the season is chosen.

This season Pantone has slated Emerald as the color of our coveted fashion must haves.  With Spring being anticipated, one can immediately associate Emerald with the likes of the season, growth and its calming attributes. Now when we associate it with envy, maybe some frocks will be available from some of the most sought after designer collections that would make anyone "green". With its warm and cooling effect, green is also know to attribute to balance, harmony and stability.

Be on a look out for attention to detail. You will notice green popping up everywhere from the cutest dress down to the neatest pedicure.

Even the Wiz agrees...

...Here's to being Fabulous!

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