Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Through An Artistic Looking Glass

They say when you look for something, you usually find it. After scrolling through some pictures on the internet, something very artistic and different caught the EYES of Fashion Noteworthy. As a person who always walk out the door never forgetting her sunglasses even on a cloudy day, I stumbled across what I consider to be a Fashion must have. Whether its for everyday wear for the fashionista who goes the extra mile with their style or those who wait for the occasion to go Avant Garde, Mercura Sunglasses can supply the demand. Take notice to how fabulous and detailed they are....

Golden Girl Moon Sunglasses

Green Pop Art Sunglasses

We can't wait to see these babies at the tents during the next New York's Fashion week in February 2013! Maybe I'll get lucky as I never leave the house without my sunglasses!

For more information and more on the collection please contact Mercura at 212-691-4846 or mercurany@aol.com.  Also find them on Facebook.

....Here's to being Fabulous!
photos courtesy of Icarus Blake

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