Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diata Wallace

Last Week's Spike Lee Birthday Tribute To Michael Jackson

Wow! As I approach the venue, I can hear Thriller being blasted throughout Flatbush Avenue. While making way to the festivities, you can feel the love, you hear the harmony and you see the togetherness. As I hold my neice on one shoulder and two step with her brother, our eyes were filling up with tears. I can't call why my neice was teary but there were tons of thoughts in my mind from as far back in my childhood to when I first heard any song by Michael. With hosts such as Spike Lee himself along with Tracy Morgan, Fab Five Freddy, Free and Ed Lover, they kept the crowd's vibe as celebratory as they could. You can't go to any event regarding the Messiah without seeing impersonators, imitators and so forth. The crowd sang Happy birthday (Stevie's rendition), they showed a caked that read Happy 51st Birthday Michael Jackson, Brooklyn Loves You. There were karaoke moments, call and response and much crowd participation. As the festivities went on, the rain stopped and the sun shined bright! It felt like Michael was appreciating it in spirit. Above all, that is one event that I look forward to attending again! Can't wait til Michael Jackson Day 2010. Stay Tuned!

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