Thursday, January 28, 2010

Peace Fashionistas,

During New York's Fashion Week, I was honored to have been in attendance for one of the hautest fashion presentations around the venue. Anitra Michelle, designer of Plutocracy displayed a range of must haves for Spring 2010. For those who have never heard of Plutocracy or Anitra Michelle, let me let you in on the newest face of some banging ready to wear styles.

From being an assistant stylist and pattern maker, she was blessed to work with brands for big names such as Vera Wang, Karl Lagerfeld and the haute Lanvin. To add notches to her belt of style and design, Anitra also work alongside the likes of Mr Nigel Barker, famous for America's Next Top Model judging panel and noted photographer.

It wasn't until sometime during 2009 where Anitra decided to exercise her design skills and bring us the ever so haute, Plutocracy which means, Wealth. Consumers and fashionistas need not to believe that to look wealthy you have to buy from European markets. We don't knock other designers but when it comes to the Spring 2010 collections from Anitra, the eagerness to see the pieces in stores are at a level where even Audrey Slater, Fashion Director for Redbook Magazine says, "Great, fresh new voice in fashion. Anitra has created what real women want to wear".

As with every fashion show or presentation, people from all corners travel to get footage and to showcase the collections viewed to the masses of where they come from. Stephany Greene of Fashionably DC said, " Plutocrcay's Spring 2010 collection was much better than what's showing in the tents. The line is gorgeous overall. Anitra has surpassed what's already in the market; she's ready for the larger venues."

I must agree. You don't find too many humbled designers that packs a huge WOW factor in their craft.

Locking in a space at the famous Bryant Park Hotel, I take you in to the world of Plutocracy

Starting out with beautifully crafted ruffle collars on dresses and jabot tiered shirts, the Plutocracy woman is boardroom ready; she's front row of the hautest fashion event; she's who the world wants to familiarized themselves with.

Using bright vibrant fabrics with an African twist, what a haute jumpsuit. Whether she's on the go throughout the City or breezing through a few boutiques, her presence speaks "fashionista"!

Even if the occasion calls for something very sexy yet tasteful, the perfect outfit would be the sheer skinny pants paired with a jabot tiered top and some platform peep toe pumps. I am a fan

Very fashion forward were the pant and short suits. So suitable for a holiday around the most beautiful continent Earth has to offer-Africa! Get ready NY!

Overall, I must contest, while I've seen so many shows, presentations, reviews, etc, women are now ready to be dressed in what they should be wearing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you where to go to "look the part". We are all wealthy in our own way; let's look like it too!

Here's to being fabulous!

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