Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hemant and Nandita

After obtaining their 3 year degree in Fashion Design and assisting other designers, in 2009, this sharp style minded duo launched their debut collection as what the world is now discovering as, Hemant and Nandita.

Hemant and Nandita's designs are style appropriate for day out and night as well. Fashion Noteworthy has fallen head over heels with their combination of traditional "Indian opulence and contemporary style". The fabric captures attention while giving the designs very feminine approach to what they consider "indo-western" style.  They hit all marks in defining the beauty of a silhouette in their chic pencil skirts and trousers and bring flirtation in their billowing jumpsuit below.

So far, their collections have been seen in Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Cannes, Dubai, Greece, Hong Kong,  Jakarta, , Kuwait, Lebanon, New York, Panama, Paris, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.
They have also dressed some of Bollywood's famous.

Dubai Fashion Week April 2011

For more on Hemant and Nandita's collections, visit's to being fabulous!

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