Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oops, They Did It Again!

With so many diverse models gracing their very fabulous campaigns this may bother most while they question, "Why not just use African models?"

Beauty has become so superficial to the degree where things that might have offended the African culture at minstrel shows are depicted as what is a beauty trend. To understand such uproar in the African cultural societies one must do the knowledge of Black Face. Since the elders stopped passing down wisdom, we as a Planetary culture are becoming more and more lost and therefore have no knowledge to teach our youth about the dissemination of our cultural expression. So when you see images like this being portrayed in a "beauty" campaigns, you should agree that the people behind this either have no knowledge on the offensiveness behind the "paint" or lean towards the fact that yes, Black people also began to perform as well. This ideology of Black people performing in Black Face seems to make it okay for others to adopt this as a marketing tool.

We all know real beauty is truly skin deep.

Here's to being fabulous!

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