Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shorty Beautiful

We tend to take on compliments based on face value. Superficial. What does it take to know true beauty? What does it take to be fashionably correct?

With fashion designers changing size ranges on us, what used to be my size 0 is now a size 4. I used to think I would still fit a 0. When I braved the moment and went up a few sizes I noticed that a correct size fitting is harmless. At the same time, it's crucial. A lot of fashion consumers have this thing where too small is sexy. Huh?

I see coats too short, jeans too low and too tight, buttons on shirts holding for dear life and dress trousers so skin tight, some women don't wear under garments.

We wear these little pieces and feel bothered when a guy yells out "Aaay shorty" all because he saw the butt crack or that tatoo on the bulging mushroom above the belt.

How do we reach the masses and put them to the test of True to Size?

I challenge all women who follow the trends but just can't get it right to try on an outfit at least one size up from what they usually purchase. I am almost certain that your stomach will thank you. So will your breasts and bottom. Some of you can even put on a thong at least.

We have a new first lady, let's be inspired to be mindful of our appearance and how we look at our selves. So the next time you walk the streets of NY you'll hear "Excuse me Ma'am, you look beautiful" instead of "Shorty beautiful!"

Be wise about your size and most importantly, your appearance!

Here's to being fabulous!

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