Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love Over Money

Peace fashionistas,

So we try to brace ourselves during this unpredictable crisis. While retailers report of profit loss, it seems that within the bridal industry, couples are finding somewhat more than finacial matrimony.

Whether getting married before hundreds of guests or keeping it simple at Borough Hall, brides and grooms are still able to pull it off. With the average wedding costing around $17,000, to make the most out of any ceremony, some brides are opting out of certain details that were once thought of as traditional. Who can afford a lavish traditional ceremony during a recession?

Even women from the Carribean are flying back "home" to get married because it's too far and expensive to fly loved ones in.

As a wedding consultant, brides have told me they don't want a slip, they don't need shoes, they just want the dress, and the most dramatic piece they opt out of is the veil. Twenty years ago when a lot of us girls dreamnt of "our day" we dressed ourselves (in our minds) like a princess: veil, tiara, gown, shoes, gloves, etc.

And while many of us loathe our jobs, we must keep in consideration that we're employed, to say the least. As we watch the almost nail-biting financial news, we sit with crossed fingers hoping to have a job to go to in the morning. For the most part some of us need to look into the businesses that aren't affected by the recession. If you're a true fashionista like yours truly, then the advice I'd give would be to let your current gig finance your ultimate goal. Be mindful of the potential profit and expenses and I think you'll be okay.
This economic thriller we're in has many of us going against the grain. We're taking chances at changing what we would consider normal during hard times yet we still manage to allow love to prevail.

Find and keep love, but most importantly, shop on!

Here's to being fabulous!

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