Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blonde, Cropped and Cute...Ms. Carter!

When Beyonce is on stage, we are all familiar with the wind blown tresses she sway back and forth during her performances. Well a few hours ago, Ms. Carter has revealed on Instagram her new, blonde crop cut. 

Many are speculating the cut being done due to a most recent episode where her hair was caught in a fan while on stage performing her hit "Halo".

This new "do" is something most of her fans would take some getting used to while for others who hum a low toned "Finally!", they get to see Beyonce as refreshed and renewed. No hating over here, we at Fashion Noteworthy thinks this is a breath of fresh air from the Icon's signature look and we can only anticipate what hot and sexy looks Ty will have her wearing in her future appearances.'s to being fabulous!

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