Thursday, April 25, 2013

54 Kingdoms Fashion Tribute to Timbuktu

54 Kingdoms is pleased to pay a fashion tribute to Timbuktu in a film titled Dearly Beloved.
Dearly Beloved is a short film that spawned from the designers'  University of Afrika (UoA) design that was recently launched with the Kingdom Come collection

With words from, Nathan ‘Nana’ Wise, Dearly Beloved is said to be a narrative with such emotion, "full of both grief and optimism" dedicated to Timbuktu as a reflection of its larger than life impact on education, life and history. The story taps into Timbuktu’s advancement in becoming known as the base of religious teachings, arts and sciences during early stages of civilization, but also the importance of celebrating the accomplishments and influences of one’s history, before it loses its value or becomes non-existent.
"Dearly Beloved is a visual and auditory depiction of both the rise and decline of Timbuktu,
emphasizing the importance of maintaining not only the history, but also vitality of such an
important place and chapter in Africa’s chronicle".

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