Monday, March 11, 2013

High-End Spring/Summer Styles On A Low-End Budget

Once a trend hits the market, most of us don't want to trek to the back of the store to the sales racks. We want the latest. Sometimes the latest can be out of our budget....would we really pay $300+ for a pair of shorts or does $19.00 have a better sound to it? 

Fashion Noteworthy is going to show you in comparison to two outfits seen on how you can get the same high-end styles on a Teen's allowance budget. Each complete look priced under $70, yes you read that right!

You'll thanks us after you've been handed your receipt!

Look #1
This great ensemble by Wald Berlin, available this April can set u back by $935. The jacket is $625; shorts, $310!!!

Here's our inexpensive take on the Wald Berlin's look:
For the same style idea, and at a much  pocket friendlier amount, these Solid Woven Shorts from Forever 21 are just $19.80

This Longline Single Button Blazer, also from Forever 21 is only $32.80

So you see, you can can still capture the Wald Berlin look for only $52.60. Add a nice statement piece necklace, a cute cocktail ring and some killer Strappies and you are set!

Look #2
Here's another pocket shock....A Karen Walker top for $280 and Timo Weiland leather shorts for $295.
Marissa Webb Willa Pointy Toe heels, $498; 
A total of $1,073 for this whole look.

Now, check out this outfit breakdown:  
To master the above $1,000 look, we've found a lesser price point range to lure you into shopping without dipping in to your "bill" stash

That cute Peter Pan collar polka dot sweater* costs just $19.80;
The short Studded Faux Leather shorts* are $19.80
The D'Orsay Ankle Strap Pumps* are $26.80
This total look will run you a cool $66.40
*all available at Forever 21

So, while we all watch our favorite celebrities to see what trends they are pushing, some of us have to maintain the reality that in some cases, what they pay for their outfits, is some of our monthly rent amounts.  What do you say to a die hard fashionista, on a Ramen noodle diet who desperately wants to rock a current trend?....Mimic!  At least then after that, she can maybe afford a nice meal at STK.'s to being fabulous!!!

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