Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keeping Up With Kim

With word of a new baby to arrive later this year, Kim Kardashian keeps the world fascinated with her every move. Baby bump or not she is still as gorgeous as ever. With the Mom-to-be glow that she wears well (like she does everything else), she was recently spotted on the today show along with sister Kourtney. The discussion was of course of her pregnancy but Fashion Noteworthy was stuck on how she maintains her stunning looks. 

Will there be a maternity collection coming from the media Juggernaut? Who will Kim wear during her second and third trimester? Those questions have not yet surfaced the social network or Television entertainment outlets but we are dying to know. Whatever she wears will be sure to set a trend among mothers-to-be come later this year and so on. 

As influential as Kim is to fashion and media, Fashion Noteworthy decided to share some of what we believe to be some effortlessly fabulous pics to date. After all, she a friend in our heads....

's to being fabulous!

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